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“With great enthusiasm, I wish to thank all of you who have been working and supporting tirelessly and continuously to make our mission of educating students in the City of Syracuse not only a reality, but also a model of success.”

Dr. Tolga Hayali

Amari Williams


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Our Community Leaders

Working together with

Our Community Leaders

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The deadline for discounted yearbook price is February 13th. Price increases from 25.00 to 35.00 after the 13th. Orders must be received by February 20, 2017 to guarantee a copy as a limited number will be available for purchase in the spring. 

SASCS is Celebrating 10 Years Anniversary

The world is ever changing. We need to change with it. An idea, a simple idea. What if we could learn to embrace education and to strive to be better students? The molding of our youth's minds. A thought of the future pushing and striving to be better. Focus on the future and to be prepared for what is to come. Our creativity can soar. We can reach our pinnacles, we can strive for something more. We can change it all. We can push ourselves to the limits and we can have fun while we do it. We can change our education. We can change everything.

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Key Elements to Success at Syracuse Academy

College Preparation

Aligned in every way with the school’s mission to graduate college-ready and civic-minded students, the importance of college readiness is understood very well at SASCS. In addition to high quality instruction and curriculum, programs during school, after school, and during the summer that have been already developed and practiced to make sure that every student has an opportunity to attend college. More

Focused on STEM and Environment

In all K-12 levels, SASCS promotes real-world problem solving & exploration in science and mathematics, interactive engagement and collaborative problem-solving opportunities, field trips to environmentally friendly locations and science museums, and regular use of technology: computer laboratories, smartboard, IPAD one-on-one chromebooks, internet, apps. More

Glocal Education

SASCS has a celebratory atmosphere, and promotes positive attitudes through quarterly recognition and rewards for academic efforts and citizenship evidence through certificates, gift certificates, and invitations to an annual Dean’s List Dinner for students and their families. More

Student Centered School Structure

SASCS schools offer a small, safe, nurturing environment to its students. SASCS creates a family atmosphere in which all staff members know each other and students, and can provide a safer and more controlled environment to our students and staff members. More

Parental Involvement and home visits

Students’ success and performance are affected not only by teachers, but also by their parents and environment. Therefore, parental involvement is a significant part of our school’s strategic goals. More

Performance based accountability

The school must achieve academic and organizational excellence through outstanding instructional quality coupled with the school’s key design elements to remain a viable educational alternative in the community. More

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  • Renaissance Learning
  • Study Island
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