Student-Athletes from Syracuse University’s Leadership Council Inspire Accountability

On Friday, September 22nd, our high school was visited by a group of athletes who are part of a leadership council at Syracuse University.  Mr. Mark Trumbo, Syracuse University's Student-Athlete Engagement Coordinator, was accompanied by Alana O’Neill and Maddie Pack from the women’s soccer team; Hannah Dossett, Alexa Romero, and Samantha Fernandez from the women’s softball team; and Marcus Cunningham, David Lipka, and Stephen Rehfuss from the men’s lacrosse team.  Mr. Trumbo and the athletes spent a few hours engaging groups of students in an interactive dialogue regarding the topics of leadership, accountability, responsibility, and various aspects of college life.  Their message to our student body was inspiring, and the experience was a great way for our students to begin the new school year!


Click here to view photos from the event