SUNY-ESF Campus Visit

On Tuesday, Sep 26th 2017, Syracuse Academy of Science High School (SASCS-HS) students visited SUNY-ESF. The trip was coordinated by the outreach program and hosted by Dr. Richard Beal, Jacob O'Connell and Maura H. Stefl.

The campus visit started with a brief visit to the Chemistry laboratories at SUNY-ESF where students had an opportunity to see some of the best analytical instruments. After the arrival of other high schools, Dr. Beal gave an energetic presentation. SASCS-HS students joined their peers from other high schools and worked on a group activity, building system diagrams for 10 different global issues. This activity helped students visualizing today’s pressing matters and developing a deeper understanding of global problems. Following the activity, students had lunch and a guided tour visiting campus library, hydrology laboratory and paper engineering departments. At the Hydrology laboratory, students listened a presentation about water flumes and how they are used to study river systems. Later, while visiting the paper engineering department, they learnt about the paper production and how the by-product are being used to produce biodiesel.

The trip was very valuable and informative for students. They enjoyed learning about different career opportunities and what SUNY-ESF has to offer to their prospective students.


Click here to view photos of the event