'Best Day Ever' at The Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Elementary Atoms bundle up and enjoy a field trip to The Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Thursday, November 14, 2019A little snow and cold didn’t stop these Atoms from learning and having the ‘best day ever’ at one of their favorite field trip locations, The Rosamond Gifford Zoo. Students bundled up with their hats, coats, mittens and boots and walked both indoors and outdoors taking in all the animals in their habitat. Students were able to make connections from this experience and what they are learning in the classroom. At each exhibit, teachers would lead a discussion and ask the students about animals, plants and habitats. Some of their favorite animals they saw were the ducks swimming in the pond, wolves pacing around back and forth, and of course the Snow and Amur leopards. The Amur leopards came up close to look at the Atoms and ended up giving them quite the performance. Thank you, The Rosamond Gifford Zoo for creating an opportunity to have the ‘best day ever’ even in the snow!