The Junior Class Experienced a Gorges College Visit

High school junior class visited Ithaca College for a college visit

Monday, October 28, 2019A ‘gorges’ college visit was in store for the junior class as they traveled to Ithaca, New York to learn more and experience first hand Ithaca College. Students attended an information session where they gathered insight regarding admission requirements, tuition, information about the college, campus and student life. With no cloud in sight and a beautiful day, Atoms took in the campus’ natural beauty, various building and experienced a glimpse of campus life while on a tour. Atoms take-away how Ithaca College prepares its students for the workforce or graduate school, as well as, the requirement that all undergraduate students must complete a minimum of one internship prior to graduation. Thank you, Ithaca College for sharing this opportunity, and showing the Atoms around campus on this ‘gorges’ college visit.