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PBL students visited Washington D.C. on a field trip where they toured Capitol Hill and walked around the National Mall

Friday, November 15, 2019Perfect weather, beautiful sunsets, incredible architecture, rich history and only a short bus ride away. Any guesses where the middle school PBL students went? We’ll save the anticipation, and let you know. The students packed their bags and visited the Nation’s Capital. While in Washington D.C., students toured Capitol Hill where they visited the Library of Congress and learned about the architecture of the building, how guests can use one of the largest libraries in the world, and also saw the first books ever in the Library of Congress - which fun fact, were donated by Thomas Jefferson. Next on the tour, Atoms walked around the National Mall where they saw the Capital Building, the Washington Monument, the White House and finally the Lincoln Memorial - where many stood in the same place as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This field trip, and these incredible experiences are ones our Atoms will cherish and remember always. To view more pictures from the trip, please visit our Facebook page.