Centro Direct Busing - High School

Direct busing is eligible for Syracuse Academy of Science High School students starting on Monday, December 2nd

Monday, December 2, 2019—Effective Monday, December 2nd, a new direct service will begin for all Syracuse Academy of Science High School students who are eligible for transportation. We understand this transition will be an adjustment for students. However, this direct service will provide ease of travel and eliminate the need to transfer, with the exception of a minimal number of students.

The routes are mapped to cover various neighborhoods based on the information we were provided. The routes cover the same areas from home-school (AM) and from school-home (PM). We encourage all students to download the app and add their respective bus number. This will allow the students to be able to track their school bus.

Please click here to view the AM and PM routes. If you have any questions or would like additional clarification, please contact Centro's customer service at (315) 422-3400.