Build ' Em and ... Bust 'Em Competition

Elementary, middle and high school Atoms competed in the MOST's Build 'Em and Bust 'Em competition

Saturday, November 9, 2019—Imagine if you were given a bundle of wood and some glue, how strong can you make a bridge with these materials? Elementary, middle and high school Atoms competed against over 139 participants in the MOST's STEM Build 'Em & Bust 'Em competition. And of course, in true Atoms fashion, they won! The bridges they designed and constructed could rival any of the famous bridges like the Golden Gate, and Brooklyn. Below are the competition details and highlights for each school.

Competition Details

  • Teams must design a bridge using balsa wood kids consisting of 14 2-foot long 1/8 inch square piece
  • Glue will hold the pieces together
  • Bridge length: 250-300 mm
  • Width: 50-75 mm
  • Height: Less than 100 mm

Elementary School

Atoms started designing their blueprints for the bridges over a month ago and worked together cutting and gluing to create their design. Although the students didn't place, they certainly enjoyed every element of the competition and are looking forward to next year's Build 'Em & Bust 'Em competition.

Middle School

Category 1 Winners

  • 1st Place: Christina S and Sophia K - Led by Mrs. Smith
  • 3rd Place: Wajih H., Yousif R., and Elijah N.  - Led by Mr. Saritga

High School

Category 2 Winners (8th Grade)

  • 1st Place: Malayshia Green & Maya Plaza
  • 2nd Place: Yakina Sika, Grace O'Neil, and Jaylin Regner
  • 3rd Place: Saige Collins

Category 3 (High School)

  • 1st Place: Anthony Losurdo
  • 3rd Place: Joseph Capra & Caprianna Cornier
  • 4th Place: Teng Kiir & Thiep Lual

Congratulations to all of our Atoms who participated, we are so proud of you! For more pictures from this event, please visit our Facebook page.


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