Fifth Grade

Welcome to fifth grade at Syracuse Academy of Science. Our school wants to create a safe, healthy, and enjoyable learning experience for all students. Students will begin to switch classes.

Fifth-grade math covers a wide variety of topics. In this course, students will understand the value of whole numbers and decimals, multiply and divide multi-digit numbers, and add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals. Fifth graders will learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide with fractions that have, unlike denominators. Geometry is another primary unit of study in fifth-grade math. They will learn to determine the volume of a rectangular prism and the area of rectangles with fractional lengths. Students will also learn the classification of shapes by attributes. Finally, fifth graders end the year graphing on the coordinate plane.

Fifth-grade science will cover various exciting topics to help students build a strong science foundation. Our science units include: How Scientists work, The Engineering Process, Cells to Body Systems, How living things grow and reproduce, Ecosystems, Energy and Ecosystems, Natural Resources, Changes to Earth's Surface, The Rock Cycle, Fossils, Earth's Ocean, The Solar System and Universe, Matter, Light and Sound, and Forces and motion. Within each unit, students will explore science through interactive, hands-on labs. The class will be engaged in discussions, exploration, independent and group work, and experiments.

Fifth-grade English Language Arts will cover New York State performance indicators in the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Students will benefit from the whole group and small group instruction reading about the world around us and our community. Students will study several different genres of literature through short stories and novels. Spelling, writing, and grammar skills will continue to develop as students practice spelling grade-appropriate words and follow the writing process to develop writing pieces.

Social Studies in the fifth grade focuses on the United States in the Western Hemisphere. Social studies students study history, geography, economics, government, and civics to help them become critical thinkers and responsible citizens in our American democracy.

In addition to the core subject areas, students will participate in special area classes, such as STEM, physical education, art, and Spanish. Students can participate in afterschool clubs and activities, such as Intramurals, Math Olympiads, Science Olympiads, and Robotics. At Syracuse Academy of Science, we want our students to excel in academic and fine arts fields.

5th Grade Supply List

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