Congressional Awards Expedition/Exploration Trips

Syracuse Academy of Science high school Congressional Awards students visited New York City to fulfill their Expedition/Exploration requirement.

Sunday, June 12th, 2022Before the school year came to a close, the Syracuse Academy of Science high school Congressional Awards students embarked on a few more adventures. Many students visited the Big Apple (specifically, Yonkers and various locations in and around New York City), New Jersey, and the Adirondacks. These trips allowed the students to complete their Congressional Awards Expedition/Exploration requirement - which entails students must spend a minimum of three nights outside of their city.

When visiting New York City, Mr. Yemen's students visited many iconic locations such as Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, and China Town. We all know that no trip to New York City is complete without experiencing a ride on the subway - a first for many of the students. This metropolitan adventure was a great personal development opportunity that allowed the students to practice their self-motivation skills. The students who attended this trip will be applying for their gold certificate at the end of the year.

Ms. Jamison's group of Congressional Award students visited Yonkers for a Juneteenth celebration. During their visit, students were immersed in a panel discussion, had an opportunity to attend a concert by the waterfront, and visited a museum.

The final location in this tri-state Congressional Awards visits was Long Beach Island, New Jersey. While the weather didn't cooperate for a portion of the trip, this never slowed down the Atoms. Students visited the ocean (a first for many students), walked on the iconic Boardwalk, and spent quality time with one another in their rental house. Waking up to the sound of the ocean was peaceful, serene, and the perfect way to relax and recharge before the Regents Exams.

Finally, Ms. Hamill's 9th-grade Congressional Award students visited the Adirondacks for a week! This rural trip allowed the Atoms to become one with nature as there was little to no cell phone service. During their visit to the Adirondacks, Atoms explored the Old Forge Public Beach, where they observed the beautiful scenery, learned navigation skills, and how to build a fire. No campfire is ever complete without s'mores.

These Congressional Awards expedition/exploration trips are an incredible experience for the students to get out of their 'comfort zone' and explore the world around them, try and learn new things and experiences. Keep up the great work, Atoms!

Please click here to view additional pictures from the Syracuse Academy of Science high school’s Congressional Awards Expedition/Exploration trips.


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