PBL Atoms Team Up and Create the Perfect Society

Syracuse Academy of Science middle school Project Based Learning students work together to create and implement the perfect society while facing the challenging scenarios presented throughout the project.

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020Do you ever catch yourself wondering or imagining what life may be like in a different town or city (or planet)? Maybe it’s a place where you can make all the decisions? If you have ever caught yourself dreaming or imagining this place you are certainly not alone.

The 6th and 7th grade Project Based Learning (PBL) classes teamed up to complete a project together where they were tasked to create a society. They had to determine not only what this place would look like, but the rules, the government, the behaviors, the societal norms and so much more. Once their town was complete they were put into a 'mock world' where they were given the following scenario.

Society 1 has experienced a drought this year and has had massive wildfires throughout their society. They have relied heavily on Society 3 and Society 5 to help feed their people. Two days ago Society 2 invaded Society 3 and cut off the trade route that Society 1 has been using and is now occupying that land and has claimed it as their own. The groups then had to form alliances, work together or stay neutral to decide how to help Society 1. What would you do?

Needless to say, groups formed an alliance to work together to try and help the other societies but inevitably a war was declared and Societies 1, 2, and 3 were victorious over Societies 4, 5 and 6. Societies 7 and 8 stayed neutral.


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