Senior Spotlight - Yhadia Wilson

Syracuse Academy of Science high school virtually interviews members of the senior class for its bi-weekly Senior Spotlight. This next interview is with Yhaida Wilson.

Friday, May 28th, 2021Syracuse Academy of Science virtually interviews high school senior Yhadia Wilson for its bi-weekly Senior Spotlight. During our interview, Yhadia shares with us how she has her eyes set on making history in the medical field by becoming the first African American female neurosurgeon! This bright young Atom also mentions who is the most inspirational person in her life, favorite memory at Syracuse Academy of Science and so much more. Read our interview below with Yhadia Wilson as we get ready to shine that Senior Spotlight.

Interview with Yhadia Wilson

  • What is one major accomplishment you had in your senior year of high school? Completing College Anatomy & Physiology
  • What are your goals for after high school? I want to become one of the first African American female Neurosurgeons. (There are the only 8 in the United States)
  • Name one person that inspires you? Definitely my Mom!
  • What advice would you give to the next senior class? Don’t procrastinate!! If you can, get it done early because if you don't it will begin to pile up. Also, don’t stress the small stuff. In a few years you’ll look back & laugh at the stuff you used to stress about.
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? In medical school, starting off my career.
  • If you could have dinner with any person living or dead who would they be and why? Definitely my nanna. She always gave the best advice, and had answers to any and everything. She was smart as a whip & was the most genuine person ever.
  • Name three traits that describe you? Talkative, Easygoing, and Opinionated
  • What is your favorite hobby? Listening to music.
  • What is a hidden talent that no one or only a few people know about you? I can read energies & I always can tell when something & someone is off.
  • What is your favorite memory of SAS? There’s way too many because I’ve been at Syracuse Academy of Science since 6th grade but one of my favorites is Ms. Wheeler dancing at every assembly, and always being the life of the party.


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