Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Ay

Syracuse Academy of Science interviews high school science teacher, Dr. Ay for its monthly Teacher Spotlight.

Thursday, December 17th, 2020Welcome to Syracuse Academy of Science’s first-ever Teacher Spotlight! Each month we will be highlighting and shining a spotlight on one of our esteemed faculty members. For the month of December, we are pleased to announce the interview with the one, the only, Dr. Ay! Dr. Ay teachers high school science.

"Dr. Ay has been a wonderful addition to our team. Her positivity radiates through the halls. Aside from her high-quality chemistry instruction, she is the facilitator for diversity club and a mentor to our students for congressional awards" - Dean of high school

Interview with Dr. Ay

  • What three traits define you? Optimistic, dedicated, polite, I start everything with great enthusiasm but it is hard for me to stay motivated for a long time. I need motivated friends like me to keep the energy alive. (is there a one word for this trait)
  • What is your greatest accomplishment? Once I was a charity event organizer when I was in Michigan and Hamilton, NY. I brought the whole Hamilton community together to organize a bake sale. I was in the news. :)
  • Best book you have ever read? Blindness  by Jose Saramago
  • What is one thing you cannot resist?(food/dessert/candy/etc.) Lahmacun
  • If you could have dinner with one person living or dead who would they be and why? My Grandma, I have never met her. She died before I was born. I am curious about our similarities and differences.
  • What advice would you give to kids who are struggling at school? You need to be patient and practice it many times. Before studying anything learn about your learning style. When is your brain functioning well. Find out. Just reading is not enough for learning. you will read it, and write it down in order to keep the knowledge. And to make it yours you need to explain it to someone else. I used to explain the history topics to my bird before every exam, and they were great listeners.
  • Tell us, what is something that might surprise us about you? Now we are publishing a children magazine with my friends. My role is small but I am glad I am part of it.


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