Tenth Grade


At Syracuse Academy discussion and dialogue is embraced through the study of the written and spoken word. Through literature and writing students will discover their own unique voices, and find themselves well prepared for both college level academia and their brilliant futures.


Our highly qualified mathematics faculty is committed to inspiring students to develop quantitative skills and problem-solving abilities through the study of mathematics. Syracuse Academy offers courses applicable to all levels of budding mathematicians.


Syracuse Academy offers science courses that exceed expectations. Through hands-on learning opportunities in a college level, on-campus research laboratory and the insight and knowledge of highly qualified faculty, students will explore the wonders of science and graduate with an advantage over their peers. Syracuse Academy offers ample offsite research opportunity to include: frequent visits to research facilities at both higher education institutions and in corporate settings. Some courses offer the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

SUNY Oswego Summer Science Immersion Program

Syracuse Academy is proud to partner with SUNY Oswego to offer students a unique, residential, summer science research experience during the month of July. Each year students are selected to live on campus at SUNY Oswego while they work on active research with faculty and graduate research students in the Shineman Science Center.

Social Studies

In the global society we live in, it is imperative students have a strong understanding of the foundations of peoples from around the world. To prepare students for their role as citizens in the 21st faculty will inspire critical thinking and in depth study of culture and history around the globe.

Foreign Languages

Bilingualism is an asset for all students as the world they live in becomes an ever more global society. In addition, studies have found that speaking more than one language has great benefits to the cognitive process; and students studying a foreign language tend to fare better on standardized tests.

Physical Education

Syracuse Academy’s high quality Physical Education program provides regular, healthy physical activity for students k-12. Moreover, our curriculum is designed to maximize teamwork, cooperation and enhance leadership abilities. Benefits of PE in schools include: stronger peer relationships, improved self- confidence, goal setting experience, self-discipline and improved academics.

Technology, Engineering & Computer Science

Syracuse Academy offers courses in Technology, Engineering and Computer Science that will ensure students are prepared for the transition to technical majors in college, and to succeed in the workplace of the 21st century. Classroom hours are enhanced through hands on activities and experiences both on campus and through site visits with professionals in respective fields.

Visual and Performing Arts

The mission of the visual and performing arts (VPA) department at Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School is to give all students an encounter with the creative experience through the mediums of visual arts, theater arts, and music. Students are challenged in a rigorous curriculum developed for higher levels of learning. Students of all levels of artistic aptitude and prior experience will receive quality instruction aimed at challenging them to reach a greater level of artistry. The connections of the arts into the STEM culture creating STEAM benefits the student body to become the critical and creative thinker that is in such high demand in our current workforce. The VPA programs will prepare our students for postsecondary education, careers, or other creative fields and instill a lifelong appreciation for the arts. By valuing the creativity and innovative thinking that is the embodiment of the VPA department, the students become proficient in higher level thinking and critical analysis through the use of art criticism, art appreciation, as well as artistic development and design planning.

10th Grade Supply List

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Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School is part of Science Academies of New York.

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