Middle School Atoms get a little Seussical

Syracuse Academy of Science middle school students participated in the STEM Egg-Drop challenge after listening to the story, “Horton Hears A Who” on Dr. Seuss and National Read Across America Day.

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022Oh, the Places You'll Go with the Syracuse Academy of Science middle school Atoms ... especially on National Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss' birthday!

To celebrate, the Atoms listened to classic Dr. Seuss tales and drew inspiration from the stories as they participated in STEM-related Seussical activities.

Upon reading the timeless tale, "Horton Hears a Who," the 5th-grade students drew inspiration from Horton as they participated in the STEM Egg-Drop challenge. Like Horton, the students were to design a device that would protect their egg when dropped at multiple heights.

As we know in the Cat in the Hat, the Cat was fond of stacking many items to see how high he could go before they all fell. Inspired, the 6th-grade Atoms rose to challenge to stack cups as high as they could go without making them fall. Meanwhile, the 7th-grade students listened to the timeless tale, "Oh the Places You'll Go," and had a meaningful discussion about their journey to come. Students also created parachutes to let their dreams fly high.

In addition to these Seussical STEM-inspired activities, Atoms listened to the story, "The Lorax," which has a central theme of respecting our environment and the creatures within it. Students were tasked with using their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills when given the hypothetical role of managers of a 400-acre forest. This activity allowed the Atoms to understand the impact of decisions about forest lands.

Not to be outdone, the Project-Based Learning (PBL) students celebrated National Read Across America & Dr. Seuss' birthday by creating mini-games or activities associated with their respective Dr. Seuss book.

We invite you to click here to view more pictures of the Syracuse Academy of Science middle school students as they participated in National Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss’ Birthday.


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