Pie in the Sky Activities Before Winter Recess

High school Atoms pied their favorite teacher, faculty or staff member in the face for a school spirit activity leading up to winter recess

Friday, December 20, 2019What do you get when you mix high school Atoms, with shaving cream, volleyball and a half-day of school? You get a day filled with school spirit, of course! To kick-off the day before winter recess, high school Atoms had an opportunity to participate in an intense game of student vs. staff volleyball. While there were no clear cut winners in this activity, the Atoms certainly had the upper hand for the second activity on the agenda.

Teachers, faculty and staff geared up in plastic ponchos, wore safety goggles and took their seats in the front row for this next activity. With an overflowing plastic pie pan filled with shaving cream, students lined up for the ‘pie-in-the-face activity.’ Atoms had some great aim, as the teachers, faculty and staff were covered with shaving cream from head to toe!

We hope our Atoms, teachers, faculty and staff are having a safe and enjoyable winter recess, as we look forward to seeing everyone next week!


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