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Missing You!

Monday, April 20, 2020—Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary Staff collaborated on uplifting messages of encouragement for their students. While nothing can replace being in a classroom, it is our hope that these little messages canhelp lift our Atoms spirits! 

High School Band Won’t Let Pandemic Stop the Music

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020—When the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to in-person band practice, music teacher Lexi Carlson and her band students knew they had to keep the music going. 

After trial, error, and six weeks of hard work, the Syracuse Academy of Science High School Band is releasing their first-ever recording—“Ode to Joy,” the theme from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony that for centuries has been a symbol of hope and the resilience of the human spirit. The recording is available on the school’s YouTube Channel, @Syracuseacademy or here https://youtu.be/lHE1SCxpesU

Many of the band members began playing their instruments just this school year. They started practicing Ode to Joy at school in February and continued to learn it remotely through one on one sessions over Zoom video in order to put together the recording being released on Wednesday, April 15th.

It is the first time the students have ever practiced and recorded music on their own. Lexi Carlson, the Syracuse Academy of Science High School band teacher, put together the students’ individual recordings with the support of the Science Academies of New York multimedia department to create the released video recording.

“Ode to Joy has been used across cultures throughout the world to bring hope and joy during difficult times,” Carlson says. “We hope that our performance brings some hope and joy to families in Syracuse today. We're excited that we’ve found a way to still be making music together, now and in the weeks to come.”

About the Band:
The Syracuse Academy of Science High School Band has grown from 5 to 30 students in grades 8-12 over the past four years. The school’s vibrant program teaches students musical and life skills such as perseverance, self-reflection, collaboration, and leadership, making a life-long impact on students and on the broader community through performances, travel, and working with guest artists. Read more about the band here, and learn more about the Syracuse Academy of Science High School at www.sascs.org

Video Message from SAS Elementary

Thursday, April 9, 2020—The educators from SAS Elementary wanted to let their students know just how much they miss them! We hope this video brings a smile to your face. Be sure to give a shout-out to your student's teacher (or former teacher) in the comments! Click Here to Watch the Video

Virtual Visit from Everson Museum

Curator of Education at the Everson Museum reads to SAS Elementary students during coronavirus school closure

Tuesday, April 7, 2020—Curator of Education at the Everson Museum, Kimberly Griffiths took the time to read one of her favorite childhood stories to Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary Students. Even though we could not have an in-person visit from Ms. Griffiths, the students enjoyed it just as much. Thank you, Ms. Griffiths, for your ongoing support for our children! 

Click here to watch the video!

Senior Named to All-CNY Boys Basketball Team

SAS Senior Zacchaeus blocks a layup from Bishop Ludden

Thursday, April 2, 2020—Congratulations, ZACCHAEUS SMITH ??? The Senior Forward was named to the 2019-20 All-CNY boys basketball team.

? Full Article  

All CNY Girls Basketball Team Honorable Mention

Thursday, April 2, 2020—Congratulations to Freey Pleasants for her Honorable Mention in the All CNY Girls Basketball Team for the 2019-20 Season. Read the full article here - Full Article

March Student of the Month

Wednesday, April 1, 2020—Who said you need to be in the same location to celebrate success? Not #SASCS! Please join us in celebrating our March Student of the Month Award Recipients at Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary School. ? Video Link

Section III Basketball All-Star Team Awards

2019-20 Syracuse Academy of Science Girls Basketball Varsity Team

Monday, March 30, 2020—Congratulations are in order to the following Syracuse Academy of Science Atoms for their recognition by Section III Coaches

Girls Basketball
Freey Pleasants, First Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Xy’El Bradford, First Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Alexius Pierce, Second Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Erykah Pasha, Honorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III
Ajahnik Brown, Honorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III

Boys Basketball
Zacchaeus Smith, First Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Dale McMillan, Second Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Marcus Pasha, Honorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III
Augustine Jusu, Honorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III
Owyn BlueHonorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III


Boys Basketball https://www.syracuse.com/highschoolsports/2020/03/section-iii-boys-basketball-league-all-star-teams.html

Girls Basketball https://www.syracuse.com/highschoolsports/2020/03/section-iii-girls-basketball-league-all-star-teams.html


A Splash of Color

Tuesday, March 10, 2020—At Painting With a Twist Dewitt, Atoms were able to connect their space knowledge from their science unit to make a masterpiece of their own. Instructors guided students through the steps to create a twinkling outer space background with a unique planet. We played pass the paintbrush and took some time to view each other's art and give them compliments. This was a great opportunity to remember that we are all unique with different strengths and abilities. Great job, Atoms!


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