Section III Basketball All-Star Team Awards

2019-20 Syracuse Academy of Science Girls Basketball Varsity Team

Monday, March 30, 2020—Congratulations are in order to the following Syracuse Academy of Science Atoms for their recognition by Section III Coaches

Girls Basketball
Freey Pleasants, First Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Xy’El Bradford, First Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Alexius Pierce, Second Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Erykah Pasha, Honorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III
Ajahnik Brown, Honorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III

Boys Basketball
Zacchaeus Smith, First Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Dale McMillan, Second Team, Liberty Central, Section III
Marcus Pasha, Honorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III
Augustine Jusu, Honorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III
Owyn BlueHonorable Mention, Liberty Central, Section III


Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball


A Splash of Color

Tuesday, March 10, 2020—At Painting With a Twist Dewitt, Atoms were able to connect their space knowledge from their science unit to make a masterpiece of their own. Instructors guided students through the steps to create a twinkling outer space background with a unique planet. We played pass the paintbrush and took some time to view each other's art and give them compliments. This was a great opportunity to remember that we are all unique with different strengths and abilities. Great job, Atoms!

Adventures at the Library

Tuesday, March 10, 2020—Ms. Dickinson and Mr. Scheemaker's first-grade students explored the Betts Branch Library this week. They listened to a read aloud from the librarian Ms. Quinn, got to make their very own buttons, and bring some books home!

Things Get Turned Upside Down!

Friday, March 6, 2020—Have you ever been turned upside down in order to enter a building? The kinder atoms have! Going through the purple tunnel as they call it was definitely one of the highlights of their trip to Wonder Works. They also enjoyed watching a 4D movie, laying down on a bed of nails and writing words on a gigantic light brite. Playing connect four and pretending to be eaten by a dinosaur were also fun things to do.

Read Across America Recap

Friday, March 6, 2020—Friday marked the end of an exciting Read Across America Week. Students celebrating reading and Dr. Seuss with crazy sock, hair, hat, and mustache day. They learned about the authors and the importance of reading not just during this week, but all the time!

Can You Calculate Fun?

Thursday, March 5, 2020—Students and families enjoyed an evening of math games last Thursday. Some of the favorites were Bowling, Shape Twister, and Cup Stacking. Through these fun games, math concepts were practiced as such basic math facts, geometry, vocabulary, and estimating.

Celebrating Respect and Responsibility

Syracuse Academy of Science Middle School Students Play Board Games

Thursday, March 5, 2020—A mini-celebration was held for fifth grade Pro and All-Star students. These students were rewarded with board games for following the school norms of respect, safety, and responsibility with due diligence. Keep it up, Atoms!

Little Free Library Promotes Literacy

Middle School Students Present Their Little Free Library to Judges

Thursday, March 5, 2020—Seventh-grade students in the Middle School PBL class presented their projects on their Little Free Library; and the importance of literacy. The students designed a Little Free Library box to be built and placed at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America on East Fayette St. Director of the Boys and Girls Club Ms. Delee and local resident Mr. Kratz; who has his own Little Free Library up the street from the #SASCS middle school, sat on the panel as each team presented their designs and plans.

The winning team with the design of The Wizard of Oz will be built by the PBL students and housed at the Boys and Girls Club on East Fayette St later this year. 

High School Science Fair

Friday, February 28, 2020—February 28th marked the annual science fair at the Syracuse Academy of Science High School. Students from grades 8-12 shared student-driven research projects in a public forum and received feedback from valued community members. Students will use this feedback to prepare for the upcoming CNY STEM Science Fair hosted by the Most on March 29. 

Student of the Month Ceremony

February Student of the Month Ceremony at Syracuse Academy of Science Middle School

Tuesday, March 3, 2020—Middle School Atoms were awarded certificates for their hard work in their core classes as well as special presentations for robotics and PBIS. This is a great time for students and faculty alike as we get the opportunity to recognize the amazing efforts of our Atoms. #SASAtoms


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