October Student of the Month Ceremony

Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary school hosted its October Student of the Month Ceremony virtually.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020It’s hard to believe that we are already in the month of November, and Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary school recently hosted its October Student of the Month ceremony. Each month, students are recognized for their hard work and for demonstrating the month’s character trait. For the month of October the character trait was trustworthiness. Please click here to view October’s Student of the Month ceremony. Keep up the great work, Atoms!

Atoms Flex their Civic Duty this Election Season

Students in the 3rd and 4th grade vote for their Classroom Representative on Election Day.

Monday, November 2nd, 2020It’s Election Day at Syracuse Academy of Science Elementary school. That is, a Classroom Representative Council election to elect this year’s ‘Class Rep’ to represent the 3rd and 4th grade hybrid cohort. Each classroom casted their ballots to elect one representative for their Class Rep. Their Class Rep will be responsible for meeting bi-weekly with Mrs. Wittchen, our school counselor, and will work together to find creative ways to instill SANY’s core values into everyday life.

Librarian, Ms. Quinn Zooms with Kindergarten Atoms

 Librarian, Ms. Quinn virtually visited the kindergarten Atoms and shared with them information about the community library and read to them a story.

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020Kindergarten Atoms received a special Zoom visit from one of our favorite librarians, Ms. Quinn. Students learn about the community library, its vast resources and what it is like to be a librarian. Ms. Quinn also read to the Atoms one of her favorite stories. Thank you, Ms. Quinn for sharing your time with the students!

Teacher Appreciation: Thanks for Keeping us ‘A Float’

Elementary teachers received a teacher appreciation gift of a root beer float for all their hard work for the past five weeks

Friday, October 16th, 2020To say that our teachers have gone above and beyond the call of duty is an understatement. It’s their continuous hard work, positive attitude, dedication, creativity and so much more that they do not only for their students but for the Syracuse Academy of Science family. Today, we give our thanks and appreciation for all your continued hard work and dedication. It has been you that have kept us ‘a float’ for the past five plus weeks. We hope you enjoyed your tasty treat as a token of our appreciation and gratitude. For more pictures, please visit our Facebook page.

Its Music to our Ears with Guest Speaker Adrian Sims

Maryland based composer, Adrian B Sims Zooms with Syracuse Academy of Science high school band and choir students

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020It's not every day that you have the opportunity to virtually meet a musician let alone a composer. As you can imagine, we are going to toot our own horns when we share with excitement that Maryland based composer, Adrian Sims took the time out of his busy schedule to Zoom with the high school band and choir students.

Syracuse Academy of Science high school band is currently working on a piece that was composed by Sims. The piece titled, “Champions Rising,” resonates well with the year 2020. In the piece there are unexpected twists and turns, as well as a section that is about working through challenges. 

During the Zoom meeting, Sims shared with the students the importance of exploring and engaging in all musical opportunities you have in high school. In addition to being open minded about the music you listen to and play. Thank you, Adrian for taking the time to speak with us and for answering our questions.

Technology, Math and Social Distancing Atoms

Kindergarten Atoms incorporate technology into their math lesson.

Friday, October 9th, 2020Kindergarten Atoms get creative with their ‘Show Me Another Way’ math lesson. Keeping health, safety and social distancing in mind Atoms were able to not only show us their solution to their math problem to solve their equation but to use technology, as well. Students were able to use an iPad that interacted with their Smart Board to solve their equation and find a solution to their math problem. The iPad was sanitized after each student use. Great work, Atoms!

And The Grant Winner Is … Ms. Hutchinson

Syracuse Academy of Science middle school ELA teacher receives a $500 grant.

Monday, October 5th, 2020“Books are the best way to entertain, inspire, and excite all kinds of kids,” said Syracuse Academy of Science middle school ELA teacher, Ms. Hutchinson, recent recipient of at $500 grant. It is with books students are able to explore different cultures, languages, learn about history, get in touch with their creative side, and so much more. Books should be made more readily available to students both inside the classroom and at home. Ms. Hutchinson will be using her grant money to build up her classroom library, as well as, to get more books in the homes of students. Congratulations, Ms. Hutchinson, we are very excited for you and are grateful to have an incredible educator like yourself on our team!

A Tale about Embracing Similarities and Differences

Mrs. Miller, Dean of Elementary, reads to the students the story, Stellaluna.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020Stellaluna, a story that teaches its readers a timeless lesson about friendship, embracing one's differences, as well as, similarities amongst others. This story is an adaptation of classic children’s novel, ‘The Ugly Duckling.’ Stellaluna, a fruit bat, finds itself living amongst a family of birds. The birds of course try to teach Stellaluna to be a bird, but challenges do arise, as she tries her best. The only time she feels like herself is when she is in fact flying. Both Stellaluna and her bird friends discover that it is challenging to be something you are not, and it is important to embrace each other's differences and maintain a friendship.

Thank you, Mrs. Miller for sharing with the elementary Atoms this great story, Stellaluna, and for leading us in a discussion about embracing each other’s differences and similarities.

Leyla Hayali wins Division I CNY Steamboat Challenge

 Leyla Hayali wins Division I in the Virtual CNY Steamboat Challenge presented by the MOST.

Saturday, October 17th, 2020Full steam ahead and a round of applause for our very own Elementary Atoms, Leyla Hayali on winning this year’s CNY Steamboat Challenge brought to you by The MOST. On Saturday, October 17th STEM students competed in a ‘pop-pop’ or a ‘putt-putt’ boat engineering challenge. Students could compete individually or in groups of 2 or 3. Each team was tasked with not only designing their own boat, but also constructing it. Boats were to be miniature working steamboats powered by only a single tealight candle. In addition, students had to discuss their designs virtually to the judges and describe how their boat was constructed. Congratulations, Leyla for being this year’s Division I champion. We are very proud of you!

Colorful, Creative and Bold Science Experiment

Fourth grade students conduct science experiments using food coloring, liquid and soap.

Friday, September 25th, 2020Science rules, especially when you get to conduct your own experiment with food coloring, soap and liquid! Fourth grade Atoms, or should we say scientists, head to their ‘lab’ for a hands on application of their latest lesson, the scientific method. Students would write their hypothesis, list of materials needed and the procedure. The results, which you can imagine were bold, and creative just like our Atoms!


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