Fall Festival at #SASCS Elementary

On Wednesday, October 31, 2018, our #SASAtoms celebrated Fall in style. Our #SASCS classrooms were filled with laughter and treats, followed by a costume parade to spooky music around the school for their parents. If students didn't want to participate in the parade, they enjoyed an afternoon of fun in the gym with Mr. Albert! Some classes got a special visit and guest reading from Ms. Georgiadis who dressed as Camilla Cream from the book A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.

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#SASAtoms Wear Orange to End Bullying

On Wednesday, October 24, 2018, the #SASCS high school community came together against bullying. Our #SASAtoms wore orange to represent their desire to be UNITED for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion in honor of anti-bullying day.
If you or someone you know is being bullied, reach out to your Dean of Students or a staff member at the school. The #SASCS believes that no student should ever experience bullying, and creating a safe learning environment is one of the ways we are building success one ATOM at a time.

Abbott Farm Field Trip with #SASCS Fourth Grade

On Thursday, October 25, 2018, the fourth grade #SASAtoms took a trip to Abbott's farm. They picked both pumpkins and apples, took a wagon ride, and visited with the many animals that call the farm home. Students were given a tour and learned about the apple orchard, pumpkins, crops, the cider press operation, the farm animals, and the farm's history.

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Howe Cavern Field Trip for #SASCS Sixth Grade

On Friday, October 19, 2018, sixth grade #SASAtoms went on a field trip to Howe Caverns. #SASCS students spent their time learning about how the cave system formed millions of years ago, how it was rediscovered, and how it got to be what it is today. The trip included a 90 minute guided tour of the underground cave system and a boat ride. To leave the cave system, #SASAtoms had to traverse through the Winding Way. Both students and staff had a great time on this underground adventure.

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2018 - 2019 #SASCS Volleyball Season

The JV girls volleyball team had a rebuilding year. The program welcomed nine new athletes who made up the team. K-Ghiana Brinson, Naomi Garcia, Janet Ginarte, Janiah Robinson, Nadia Hollis, Thalia Penix, Sariyha Richards, Arieanna Crouch, and A’mour Derby were all first-year players, having never played the sport before. These girls worked hard and improved throughout the season, managing to win a few sets towards the end. They show great promise to our program and will be leaders for our up-and-coming volleyball athletes. 
-Coach Nicole Clark
Coaching this season with an entirely new team was difficult at first. Despite these challenges, The lady Atoms came far as a team and as a family. Their hard work and effort allowed them to grow as a unit and win a few sets throughout the season. Winning those sets throughout the season built enough confidence in the lady Atoms to end this season with a major victory against Hamilton High School. This season was a learning experience, and I hope the Lady Atoms will enter next Season ready to succeed. 
-Coach Carrie Blunt

Kindergarten Visits Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo

On Wednesday, October 24, 2018, #SASAtoms toured Fort Rickey Children's Discover Zoo, in Rome, NY.  The zoo provided an ice cream cone full of animal food, and #SASAtoms took bits at a time in their hand to feed the deer and sheep through the fence and then fed them the ice cream cone. After stepping into the enclosure, #SASAtoms were able to pet the deer and hug the sheep. Our #SASAtoms were then taken to the dock and were able to feed the fish and ducks, and they loved it!

We then took a wagon ride that drove us around the zoo, where we were able to see all of the animals in their enclosures. After lunch, we were let into the “maternity pen” where the students were able to pet and hold baby goats and their mothers. Following the maternity pen, we went and played in the ball pit. We aren't sure who had more fun, the students or the chaperones! These visits to local zoo's help expose our #SASAtoms to diverse wildlife and are just one of the ways we are building success one ATOM at a time. 

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First Grade Taps Into Fun at Dutch Hill Farms

On Monday, 22 and Tuesday, October 23, 2018, #SASCS elementary first graders trekked to Dutch Hill Maple Farms in Tully, NY where #SASAtoms learned about the process of making maple syrup. Students began their morning with a hike up to the sugar maple trees. From there, they learned about tapping trees for sap and were able to explore the machines that help with the syrup making process. The field trip ended with maple syrup and maple cream taste testing, and #SASAtoms were then given a jug of syrup to take home. (Thank you, Dutch Hill!)

Some of the takeaways students had from the field trip were that 6,000 maple trees are used to make syrup per season, and it takes 40 gallons of sap to make only 1 gallon of maple syrup! Teaching our #SASAtoms about the food system is just one of the ways we are building success one ATOM at a time.

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#SASCS Middle School Learns the Ropes at Syracuse University

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, #SASAtoms visited the Syracuse University Education Center. Instructors at the Syracuse University Education Center planned several team building activities. Students were paired up and encouraged to work with peers they may often not select. Our #SASCS scholars faced three challenges: cross a "river" with stones that could be moved, but if no one was on them, would wash away; enter a boat that they all had to balance on and then navigate a marble through a maze; and stand on a platform and use two planks to cross to the other platform. 
These challenges forced our #SASAtoms to communicate with one another clearly, and without yelling. Team-building exercises help prepare our #SASAtoms to work with all personality types and are just one of the ways we are building success one ATOM at a time. 

Third Grade Pumpkin Patch Fun at #SASCS

On Thursday, October 18, 2018, It was our third grader's turn to Tim's Pumpkin Patch. Despite the chilly weather, our #SASAtoms enjoyed this fun-filled fall activity and even got to take a pumpkin home with them. Their favorite part was the warm cinnamon doughnuts and apple cider with their classmates and teachers. These team building activities are just one of the ways we are building success one ATOM at a time. 

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Second Grade Enjoys a Day at the Farm

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018, second grade #SASAtoms enjoyed a fun-filled day at Golub's Pumpkin Farm. Our #SASCS Scholars learned the responsibilities of running a farm while visiting with the animals and enjoying the pumpkin patch. As a special surprise Golubs had a physics demonstration of using stored energy to launch a projectile without the use of an explosive... ahem, also known as catapulting a pumpkin across the field for us. Go Atoms! 

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