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Nutritious free meals are available to students 18 & younger nationwide throughout the summer while school is out of session. Use the USDA link to find a location near your #SASAtom

2018 Genius Olympiad #SASCS Participants & Award Winners

The Syracuse Academy of Science participated in the 2018 Genius Olympiad, an international high school project competition focused on environmental issues. The competition was fierce, with over 1,000 participants from 67 different countries. Students from both #SASCS and our sister school #UASCS came home with honors. Go Atoms! 
Madina Iskandarova, #SASCS - Silver Medal in Creative Writing
Samantha Scheer, #SASCS - Bronze Medal in Creative Writing
Brittney Parks, #SASCS - Bronze Medal in Creative Writing
Aiden Rodriguez, #UASCS - Bronze Medal in Creative Writing
Isabella Conte, #UASCS - Bronze Medal in Creative Writing
Joseph Capra, #SASCS - Bronze Medal in Robotics
Jade Regner, #SASCS - Bronze Medal in Robotics
Brenden Reilly, #SASCS - Bronze Medal in Robotics
Adnan Salkanovic, #UASCS - Honorable Mention in Creative Writing
Taha Hayali, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Creative Writing
Naomi Garcia, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Creative Writing
Karl Russo, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Robotics
Huda Ali, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Robotics
Benjamin Cameron, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Robotics
Abdullah Cetin, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Robotics
Lalita Dahal, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Robotics
Celeste McDonald, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Science
Amina Aldelija, #SASCS - Honorable Mention in Science
Azamat Karimov, #SASCS - Participant
Riley Phuc, #SASCS - Participant

#SASCS Fourth-Graders are Movin' On Up!

On Thursday, June 21, 2018, our fourth-graders celebrated all of their hard work and memories from elementary school. It has been an honor watching them grow, seeing all that they've accomplished in their five years at #SASCS Elementary. All of these students will go on to do wonderful things, and we wish them the best in middle school. Go Atoms! #SASCS #SASAtoms

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Field Days at #SASCS Elementary

On Monday, June 18, 2018, our #SASAtoms enjoyed getting outside and celebrating the last week of school. They worked on team building with activities like tug of war, and enjoyed the bounce house and face painting stations. Go Atoms! #SASCS #SASAtoms

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Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremony

On Thursday, June 21, 2018, the Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School celebrated it's twelfth annual commencement at the Crouse Hinds Theatre Civic Center in Syracuse, New York. The keynote speaker was Jennifer Sanders, award-winning news anchor for News Channel 9. Sanders touched on the importance of surrounding yourself with those who will elevate you and help you find a way to achieve your dreams. Congratulations to the #SASCS Class of 2018, and Go Atoms! #SASAtoms

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#SASCS Adventures to the Stars with Nasa Astronaut Dr. Don Thomas


On Thursday, June 14, 2018, the #SASCS Middle School was proud to host NASA Astronaut Dr. Don Thomas with the help of WonderWorks. Dr. Thomas was one of our nation's astronauts and has made several trips to space. He spoke to our students about his experiences in both traveling and working in space. Additionally, he highlighted the dedication and commitment that is required to reach our goals. We were very happy to have him speak to our students to keep their "eyes on the stars"! #SASAtoms #SASCS

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Grace O'Neill Named 2018 WonderKid for Academic Excellence

On Saturday, June 16, 2018, WonderWorks at Destiny USA announced its 2018 WonderKids. Among the 50 nominees chosen for both age groups (grades 1-5 and 6-12) Grace O'Neill, a sixth-grader at #SASCS Middle School won first place in the 6-12 group for Academic Excellence. WonderKids is a way to recognize students in the community, not only the students who take an interest in science but for the student who excels in community engagement or excellence in education. Grace won the chance to meet with NASA Astronaut, Dr. Don Thomas, along with some serious swag for the summer. Be sure to thank your teacher, Ms. Orioli, for the support and nomination. Way to go Grace and Go Atoms! #SASCS #SASAtoms

Donuts for Dads at the #SASCS Middle School

On Thursday, June 14, 2018, the #SASCS Middle School held its 2nd annual Donuts for Dad event. The goal of this event is to celebrate the amazing contributions of the fathers and strong role models of our students. Families enjoyed donuts and drinks as well as the amazing company. Thank you to all of our role models for all that you do. Go Atoms! #SASAtoms #SASCS

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#SASCS Elementary Poetry Slam was a Slamming Success!

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, select elementary #SASAtoms presented their original poems to all elementary students, teachers, and families at the 2018 Poetry Slam. Students focused on different types of figurative language and poetry including; simile, alliteration, and haikus. Our Atoms works contained unique and thoughtful imagery. Go Atoms! #SASAtoms #SASCS

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#SASAtoms Middle School Glimpses into History at Gettysburg

On Friday, June 8, 2018, twenty-five seventh-graders traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to glimpse into a piece of history. #SASCS arrived at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA and to tour the museum and listen to a presentation by the museum docent. During the evening students meandered through a “Live or Die” ghost tour listening to stories of Civil War soldiers.
Students spent the day on Saturday going back in time to study the history of the Civil War. #SASCS started off the day at the Gettysburg National Military Park where students learned about the war and the importance of the Battle of Gettysburg and Gettysburg Address. Students then toured the battlefield with a guide who showed them monuments of New York regiments and sites of the battlefield like “Picketts Charge.”
7th Grade #SASAtoms glimpsed into a piece of history at Gettysburg. These field trips to historic sites are one of the many ways #SASCS promotes hands-on, minds-on learning every day. Go Atoms! #SASCS #SASAToms


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