Brandeis University Visits with High School Atoms

Admissions Counselor, Shaquan McDowell from Brandeis University shared with the High School Atoms academic and student life at the University

Thursday, October 3, 2019—Syracuse Academy of Science High School welcomed Admissions Counselor, Shaquan McDowell, from Brandeis University. Shaquan shared with the Atoms how this 235 acre private research University with a liberal arts focus, located just outside of Boston, Massachusetts could be a perfect fit. Students who are looking for a small class size, a handful of various clubs and activities, and are open to exploring new and challenging experience, look no further than Brandeis University. Thank you, Shaquan for visiting and sharing with our Atoms about the University.

Congressional Award Students Give Back to Community

Syracuse Academy of Science High School's Congressional Award students volunteer at the Samaritan Center

Saturday, October 5, 2019—It's quite an honor to have five of our Syracuse Academy of Science High School Students become participants in The Congressional Award for Community Service. The Atoms gave back to the greater Syracuse community by volunteering with the Samaritan Center - an interfaith effort of community members who are committed to serving the hungry and those in need in Central New York. Students roll up their sleeves to help with dish washing, and put on an apron (and hair net) to assist with meal prep and meal service. Great work Atoms, we are all so proud of you!

Second Grade Atoms are Awesome to the Core

Second grade Atoms visit Beak and Skiff Apple Orchard for a field trip

Tuesday, September 24, 2019—A crisp yet beautiful fall day, is perfect for a field trip to one of our beloved apple orchards in Central New York, Beak and Skiff. Second grade Atoms were eager to learn all about apples and get that 'insider scoop' from the apple experts themselves. Students learned about how the apple trees get pollinated by bees each summer, the life cycle of an apple tree through each season and a life lesson learned the hard way. For instance, did you know that 'slugs hide on the back of apples in the rain?!' Thank you, Beak and Skiff for a day that was hardcore fun!

Middle School Store, Above Average, is now Open

Middle school PBL students recently opened the school store, Above Average

Wednesday, October 9, 2019—Middle School PBL students are excited to announce the grand opening of the school store, Above Average. A one stop shop when it comes to all your school supply needs. The store will sell a variety of items including pencils, notebooks, earbuds and even squishies! Above Average will be open during 4th and 5th period. Please make sure to come by and check it out.

Atoms STEAM on to Victory at the MOST

High School Atoms competed in the MOST's CNY Steamboat Challenge where they took home not only 1st place but, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place, as well

Saturday, October 19, 2019—Atoms competed in the MOST's CNY Steamboat Challenge, and did what our Atoms do best … they came to compete and WON! With over 60 teams participating from across Central New York, we are proud of our students for taking home not only 1st place, but 2nd, 3rd and 4th place, as well for the high school competition. Middle School and the Elementary school were not far behind with taking home 3rd and 4th place.

Participants were tasked to work in teams of up to here to build a steamboat out of recycled materials that runs on steam created by the heat of a tea candle. The boats raced on 3" of water in an inflatable raceway that measures 110" long by 6" wide. Participants were judged by the following criteria.

  • Speed of boat
  • Team's presentation to judges about how they built the boat and what they learned
  • Team's creativity and innovation in designing the boat


High School Competition

Congratulations to the following students

First Place: Benjamin Cameron

Second Place: Brianna King and Joseph Capra

Third Place: Ekrem Cetin

Fourth Place: Anthony Losurdo, Abdul Pady and Abdullah Cetin

8th grade students Malaysia Green and Maya Plaza won the 'Steamboat Competition.'


Middle School Competition

(Division I: 4th-6th grade. Division II: 7th-8th grade)

Third Place: Cesar Lazcano, Nasir Parks, and Ne’Reah Rivers

4th Place: Cece Goodyear and Erica Buck


Elementary School Competition

Team SAS Zero Sugar were thrilled to be competing in this year's competition. With weeks of boat construction, the team unfortunately didn't place, and are already thinking of new designs for next year.

Congratulations to all our Atoms who competed. We are so proud of you!

Atoms Take a 'Sick Day' on this Field Trip

First grade Atoms visited Crouse Hospital's Hospital Land on a field trip

Monday, October 7, 2019—Sometimes a hospital can seem like a very scary place. First grade Atoms take a 'sick day' and visit Crouse Hospital's Hospital Land to learn all about being admitted to the hospital, as well as, what it's like to be a patient. Students were able to try out some of the hospital's equipment such as the stretcher, wheel chair, crutches and hospital bed. Atoms soon discovered that the hospital was in fact not that scary of a place after all. To view more pictures please visit our Facebook page.

Slam Dunk Guest Speaker visits with the Atoms

Director of Athletics at Syracuse University, John Wildhack, speaks with the Elementary school Atoms

Monday, October 7, 2019—No spectators or benchwarmers here! Elementary Atoms welcome guest speaker, John Wildhack, Director of Athletics at Syracuse University. Mr. Wildhack shared with the students a day in the life for Syracuse Athletics, various sports programs on campus, his life experiences, and even his previous job position at ESPN. Atoms were full of questions on all things Orange! Thank you, Mr. Wildhack for taking the time out of your busy schedule and sharing with our students the wonderful world of collegiate athletics.

St. John's University Visits High School Atoms

High School Atoms welcome St. John's University admissions counselor, Tyree Vann

Wednesday, October 2, 2019St. John's University admissions counselor, Tyree Vann, shared with the senior Atoms how St. John's University's legacy could be their own legacy. Offering over 100 undergraduate programs ranging from fashion studies to finance, students (or Johnnies) who contributed over 137,000 community service hours in one year, and three New York City campuses, Atoms learned how the Johnnies are leaders, innovators, explorers and top-level interns. Thank you, Tyree for sharing a day-in-the-life and providing great insight into the university.

All Write with the Atoms to Invite a Guest Speaker

Middle school Atoms invite Casey Rose Frank as a guest speaker to discuss the field of writing and reading

Friday, September 27, 2019—Our story starts here with a special guest named Casey Rose Frank, an esteemed author and writer, who shares with the 7A middle school Atoms the wonderful world of fiction. Casey discusses with the students the many types of fiction that exist today. From novellas to short stories to flash fiction, and everything in between. In addition, she provided insight into the field of writing and reading by sharing some of her professional and personal experiences. Atoms enjoyed having Casey in class and learned new information about this creative industry. Thank you, Casey for inspiring our Atoms and for sharing your expertise with our students.

In-CIDER Scoop on this Kindergarten Field Trip

Kindergarten Atoms visit Beak and Skiff Apple Orchard on a field trip

Friday, September 27, 2019—When you have one of the top apple orchards in the country in your backyard it is only natural to explore, pick apples, and have a very sweet time. Kindergarten Atoms are getting ready for their upcoming project of the Apple Life Cycle activity. To get a first-hand look at all things apples, they ventured out on a field trip to Beak and Skiff Apple Orchard. Atoms picked (and yes, sampled) apples, discussed the stages of an apple tree and bonded with fellow classmates on the 'Cool Play Zone.' Thank you, Beak and Skiff for such a memorable field trip.


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